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Growing together.  Creating community. Cultivating wisdom. Providing hope. 

-   about us  -

Dean Road Community Garden is a grassroots volunteer organization of diverse individuals who want to come together to grow, create a community, share knowledge and resources while providing a place to expand the benefits, wisdom and joy gained while gardening.  The garden is designed to give to a communal plot of land to individuals who desire a place to plant, to teach, to volunteer and to share this experience and some of our bounty with the community.

The land for the garden has been donated by two local churches which desire to provide a place for people to come together and make the most of some vacant land.   Our organization uses the facilities on the property and works in partnership with the churches to provide a portion of the land and harvest to those in need.


The garden has not yet been planted.  We are in the developmental stages and welcome anyone who has an interest in designing, planning and providing leadership or sweat equity as we develop our land and vision.


This is not a religious organization and it is not designed to be a ministry or outreach of the churches that donated the land, however, we are thankful for their vision, generosity and support of this community effort.  It takes a village.

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